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Changes to RouteSmart Online

December 19, 2019
RouteSmart Online

RouteSmart Online Basic now includes Analysis functionality and Advanced Edition will soon feature Work Area Design.

Distribution center managers, transportation managers, carriers, supervisors and other personnel have the ability to generate a list of subscribers based on a selected set of criteria. The RouteSmart Online Analysis function allows you to generate reports of subscriber data based on a selection of specific routes, publications and/or delivery frequency codes.

For example, you may want to see a list of subscribers on all routes who receive a specific publication, sorted by route and delivery sequence. Carriers familiar with their territories may want to see a sequenced list of the subscribers on their routes without the turn-by-turn directions.

Coming to RouteSmart Online Advanced Edition in 2020: Work Area Design
Work Area Design allows users to monitor, maintain and adjust routes within RouteSmart Online’s maps. The route extents become the defacto router wheel so that any new address that is uploaded to RouteSmart Online is automatically assigned a route value and subsequently sequenced within the existing delivery order sequence.

See all the features of RouteSmart Online on our website and contact Jason Fry for more information.

Jason Fry

Jason takes pride in knowing RouteSmart's software inside and out. As an employee for more than 15 years, he works closely with colleagues to create models and business cases for prospective customers to gain an understanding on how our products can help solve their complex routing issues. Jason works with customers within the online retail, door-to-door distribution, food delivery services, courier services and other organizations.