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WalkMe Enhances RouteSmart Online User Experience

December 19, 2019
RouteSmart Online

RouteSmart Technologies is excited to announce an enhanced experience in RouteSmart Online to help you get started faster, discover more value, and find help when needed. Introducing WalkMe, your personal guide for using RouteSmart Online.

WalkMe, coming in January 2020, is an expert in RouteSmart Online and can walk you through tasks step by step or provide instant, contextual assistance when needed. We’ll also use WalkMe to let you know when we launch new features and functionality – all to help you get more out of your investment.

When you log in, you’ll find WalkMe available in the lower right side of every screen. Give it a try if you lose your way at any point.

RouteSmart Online with WalkMe contextual assistance coming in January 2020

We know you want to learn to use RouteSmart Online faster, and with WalkMe, you can drive adoption by your carriers and begin delivering more efficiently.

Lindsay Ringgold

As Technical Marketing Engineer, Lindsay serves as a technical expert for our Business Development team. In addition to her support on geographic data analysis and routing optimization outputs, Lindsay also creates and conducts virtual webinars and on-site training for new clients.