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November 1, 2019
RouteSmart for ArcGIS

Integrated Skills, our solutions provider for the UK, is pleased to announce that RouteSmart for ArcGIS is now compatible with Ordnance Survey (OS) Highways data. This dataset replaces the OS Integrated Transport Network (ITN), which was retired at the end of March 2019. The new network is the most complete and detailed street network available in Great Britain. This dataset joins together features from the National Street Gazetteer, the Local Highways Authorities road name and numbering, and the Trunk Road Street Gazetteer collected by Highways England and the Welsh Government.

What are the key new features of OS Highways data?

Urban Paths – Pathway segments from the Urban Paths dataset have been digitized and are available in the data. This level of detail is fantastic for street service routing where sweepers may be required to service intricate path networks, and for post and parcel operators.

Road Widths – Minimum and average road widths are available against each street segment. This is ideal for calculating more accurate spread widths for winter maintenance.

Unique Street Reference Number (USRN) – The USRN of each street segment is included. This field is very useful in matching properties to their addressable street or for street service routing where existing coverage is often held against the USRN.

How can you acquire the OS Highway data? 

Integrated Skills now provides a service to supply this data to you. To find out more about this new dataset or for advice on migrating to OS Highways format, ISL clients should create a support ticket on FreshDesk.

Doug Hill

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